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Forbidden Territory: the White Terror Prison System

    ◆Martial Law Section, Detention Center, and other related institutions of detention, reform, and reeducation during White Terror period in Taiwan.(provided by Taiwan Art-in Design Company)

    During our country’s 38-year-long period of martial law, where civilians were tried under the martial law system of military courts martial, political prisoners were to go through arrest, interrogation, torture, trial and carrying out of sentence, release, and social surveillance. Then, since 1986, came the social opposition to martial law, social movements, the movement to end martial law, the movements for democratization and direct election of the president, and the people’s liberation struggle to gain their freedom, social rights and economic rights. All this formed Taiwan’s human rights history of the postwar 20th century.

    Charted above are Martial Law Section, Detention Center, and other related institutions of detention, reform, and reeducation during White Terror period in Taiwan, with arrows indicating detainment, trial, detention, reform, reeducation, and transfer of the prisoners.